Membership Benefits

• Network

It provides a wide communication network at home and abroad so that members can exchange ideas, develop business relations and professional networks.


• Committees

It offers members to evaluate opportunities in the market, research sectoral problems and offer solutions, catch trends, and provide opinions on business and investment.


• Global Connection

It provides a communication and information network with 114 AmCham operating around the world. Through close contacts and information exchange with the AmCham global network, TABA-AmCham provides support to its members in international trade and investment matters.


• National and International Representation

TABA-AmCham operates in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Adana branches as well as Washington, Chicago, and New York representations in the USA. It provides connections to members according to their fields of activity by making use of its global, regional, and local communication network.


• Member Profile Research

TABA-AmCham conducts Member Profile Research in order to identify priority areas of work and increase commercial relations among members.


• Bureaucratic Help

TABA-AmCham is in constant contact with political stakeholders in Turkey and the USA and defends the rights of its members in both countries. It helps build relationships between American business circles and US Government Representatives in Turkey.


•Event & Sponsorship

It organizes various social and sector-oriented events and enables members to come together and communicate. For these purposes, meetings, seminars, conferences, and organizations are held on various subjects in the country and abroad. TABA-AmCham contributes to the promotion, access, and business services by offering sponsorship opportunities to member companies in the events it organizes.


• Consultancy

It offers market information for members to make sound business decisions. It provides opportunities for companies that want to take place in different markets in the USA and other countries where AmChams are located.


• Industry Studies & Report

In line with the expectations of its members, it provides research reports by conducting sectoral studies to determine investment projects both in Turkey and the USA.

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